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Heavy jams are balanced with acoustic interludes that show off the musical dexterity and vocal chops of the trio, underscoring their stoner sensibilities with an ethereal quality.

The album also pays tribute to the late percussionist Hani Naser (Violent Femmes, the Doors, Lou Reed), who was a close friend of the band and passed away the day before Space Queen recorded at Rain City Studio. These emotions sear through, especially on highlights “Darkest Part” and “When It Gets Light.” The Georgia Straight

The crowd started shuffling up the stairs and from the bar to the stage, bobbing their heads in appreciation. Soon it was jammed with bodies swaying. Next on the set, Incantation hypnotized the room with perfect vocal harmonies (the drummer sings, too) before dropping into weighty riffs and intense drumming. Space Queen closed appropriately with Alien Song to spellbound onlookers This Massif set will clearly live on long after the hall doors close. Indie Is Not A Genre (Massif live show review)

Dropping right at the tail of Vancouver’s early summer, Space Queen is a blast of sunlight: 17 easy minutes of stoner-rock and fuzzed-out bliss that evoke the summertime we all managed to miss by staying inside - Pop Culture Death Drive

Why Can't I Move from Canadian based Space Queen (and from their debut Self Titled EP) not only churns along on surfy punk tom tom drumming but thick fuzzy guitars and lush, lush vocal harmonies. Against all the dirty fuzz psychedelia, it is (for me) the pristine vocal aesthetic that engages you and sucks you in to the punk / pop heaviness. - American Pancake

The anchor of the EP is the final track, “Drop the Walls,” which has even more weight than the rest, with a sound that could have skyrocketed straight out of the 70s. The band takes advantage of every minute of the seven-minute track, packing in half a dozen different sounds before sliding into an extended psychedelic guitar solo that brings the album to a bombastic close - Permanent Rain Press

Vancouver’s Space Queen has dropped their self-titled EP and they’ll re-wire your summer vibes to near perfection with a rich guitar that fills a room like smoke, harmonies that grab hold of your spine, and drum beats you could write poetry to. - Indie Is Not A Genre

Though plenty atmospheric besides, Vancouver heavy fuzz rockers Space Queen add atmosphere to their nine-song/26-minute Nebula EP through a series of four interludes and the finishing manipulated space-command sample in “End Transmission” after the richly melodic doom rock of “Transmission/Lost Causemonaut.” It and the prior garage-psych highlight “When it Gets Light”  depart from the more straight-ahead push of opener “Battle Cry” and the guitar-screamer “Demon Queen”.Where those two come across as working with Alice in Chains as a defining influence, the Nebula EP grows broader as it moves through its brief course, and flows throughout with its veering into and out of songs and short pieces. This is Space Queen‘s second EP, and if they’re interested in making a full-length next, they sound ready. The Obelisk

Kicking off this wonderful Wednesday evening at Wise Hall, we were treated to a gorgeous offering from SPACE QUEEN, dishing out melodic stoner rock in the most delicious helpings.
A handful of bands in Vancouver could get big, and this trio is one of them. They have whatever 'it' is, presenting a complete package that continues to improve, grow, and evolve.
They bookend the set with the three of them harmonizing acapella and it genuinely feels like we are put under a spell at the beginning and released at the end. Chills every time.

The Elder God (live show review)

Space Queen create music that can be described as heavy, psychedelic space rock. Nebula is their second EP and longest release yet. Full-length songs are mixed with under-a-minute interludes to create a quality anthology of work. 

The sound and style are timeless—it honestly could’ve been recorded at any time over the last 50 years. I was impressed that the group is only three people; it really sounds like more members creating everything with this kind of complex style. Permanent Rain Press

A desert road atmosphere, a touch of psychedelia and a stoner chorus. With subtle and captivating voices in "Drop the Walls" the Space Queen invite you on a journey with the soul of The Doors and Hendrix on the side. A song to listen to in the sun in a wide-brimmed hat! - Rock Fueguino

Their newest single "Battle Cry" sees the band dive into a much harder sound. The band takes their genre-bending ethics and angelic vocal harmonies and layers them into a thick, grungy, Alice in Chains-like smasher. - Rekt Chords

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